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How many tears, how many lives
until we find out - there's no reason.
Headless streaming into the vortex of career
which don't care and swallow all of humanity.

Green painted mind, break the records of decaptions
Mammonist! Sell your world and improve his own.
Feelings are not important in this game, where someone of us will
sell the last, what's left. The price is clear. Hope!

Work! Die! Sweat your blood on money!
Hold on! 'Cause over your shoulders is watching

Keep your hope in mind with soul she makes
imagine ways out of the wicked life
and intrigues all around. But don't despair.
Death is redemption from your trivial life.

Killing past

Time to look into your past
time to heal wounds
don't look forward and erase
old faults.

Ablezing desire to crutch
destroy, what you built
rewrite again a diary
full of pain.

Past will come back again
the ring starts to close!
In vanity you try the voices of past
subdue through acts of present!
You are dead.

Wash away blood of your hands
burn your vicious soul.
Smile breeze and you can smell
burning flesh in deepest hell.

Thick fume of dependencies

Since ancient days of earth
warriors of pain and death
fighting again our minds.
They came from Hell.

Surrounding with sound
of bell with power
to hit the lights
they attack your life.

And on the edge of knife
building your dark cell
You don't remember
time you were you.

Palms of abstract visions hide
real world and it comes through
from the person that lost all
what never had, from you.

Living alone - dying alone
lace of life burns, bothsides.
Can you feel death? She caress you on face
and you can never win this chase.

And what's the point, what's the goal?
That straw is breakable as man's soul.
Life substance is fading
in thick fume of dependencies.
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